Our Newest, Darkest Obsession


The 90’s called – and we’re totally answering. We are so ready to break out of the summer makeup rut and vamp it up with the fall’s biggest beauty trend – dark lips. This 90’s grunge-inspired beauty craze is our dream come true. From rich berries to deep reds to the boldest of blacks, we’re wearing them all. Satin finish, matte finish, liquid lipstick – you name it, we want it. These unexpectedly chic shades are the perfect complement to any fall outfit and are this season’s hottest accessories. So, get ready to pucker up.

Dark Burgundy Red

We’ll ease you in to the world of darkly hued lips with a simple transition color – dark burgundy red. It’s a chic update to the classic red lip and is perfect for matching anything and everything in your closet. From an all black ensemble to something a little more colorful, dark red lips literally go with everything. Get super vampy with a dark smoky eye and statement brows for a to-die-for look.

Dark Berry

For those of us who just can’t seem to pick between purple and red, get ready to have your every wish come true. Dark berry colored lipstick is the perfect lovechild of red and purple with a shadowy twist. Throw on this lipcolor with anything in your wardrobe for the ultimate vampy accessory.

Dark Purple

Slick on some dark purple lipstick and get ready for the inevitable stares. This bold lipcolor absolutely screams 90’s and is the perfect vampy shade to really play up your lips. Dark Purple lips look great when paired with a golden eye, soft feminine strands, and really any sort of neutral-hued outfit you can conjure up.

Dark Blackberry

For girls who want purple with even more of an edge, dark blackberry lipstick is your new best friend. This dramatic shade is the perfect mix of burgundy, dark purple, and black and will add a much-needed sense of drama to any outfit. We’re wearing it with super sleek hair and matching nails.


Forget what you think you know – black isn’t just reserved for goths or Halloween anymore. This bold lipcolor is taking the beauty world by storm and, needless to say, we’re absolutely obsessed. If you’re a little concerned with how heavy this super dark lipstick can look, try pairing it with softer touches, like a bronze eye or beachy waves. And don’t forget – black goes with everything.