Fall in Love with LA


It’s our favorite time of the year again – fall. Bring on the warm sweaters and boots, pumpkin flavored everything, and cozy nights cuddled up with a cup of tea and your favorite book.
Even though we’re in LA and we “don’t have seasons,” doesn’t mean we don’t know how to celebrate fall. Ring in our favorite season the right way with these five things to do in the best city in the world – Los Angeles!

Pumpkin Patch It

Nothing screams fall quite like a good old-fashioned pumpkin patch. Bundling up in an oversized sweater with a pumpkin spice latte in hand and finding the perfect pumpkin is our definition of the perfect night.

This year we’re loving the Tapia Brothers Farm Pumpkin Patch for it’s GIANT corn maze and Farmer’s Market. Not to mention the roasted corn stand – we’ll be stuffing our faces with this healthy and insanely delicious snack as we try to find our way out of the maze and hunt for our perfect pumpkin.

Drink It Up at Vegan Oktoberfest

You bet you read that right. Vegan Oktoberfest is here and it’s ready to blow your minds. With everything from vegan beer to vegan Bratwurst, you’ll get all the Oktoberfest fun without the worry of harming our furry little friends.

If you’re feeling really daring, sign up for the stein holding contest for a chance to prove your upper body strength, although after a few beers you might not be capable of holding up much of anything.

Changing of the Leaves

Oh yes, you’re not imagining it – LA really does have seasons! Visit the Los Angeles Arboretum during the next few months and be ready to see fall foliage like you’ve only ever dreamed of. Sign up for a walking tour or just visit and explore with your squad for the ultimate fall experience.

10th Annual Dusk to Dawn Horrorthon

Who doesn’t love a great scary movie? Rather than staying up all night forcibly cuddling your cat convinced there’s a murderer lurking in every shadow, skip it and stay up all night watching scary movies instead.

This 10th Annual celebration at the Aero Theatre is certain to be packed full of all the horror you could possibly want and more. So pack your favorite snacks, grab a latte on the way there, and get ready for an evening you’ll never forget.

LA Haunted Hayride

If horror movies are a little too tame for you, get ready to live one with the LA Haunted Hayride. Held every year at the spooky old zoo in Griffith Park, this horror adventure is the perfect scare for any adrenaline junky. Call up your SO or bring your BFF, bundle up, and get ready for the ride of your lives.