For some of the overly prepared, you’ve been carefully planning your Halloween costume since November 1st of last year. But, if you’re more like us, you’re frantically checking your calendar to see how many more days you have until you’re forced to come up with something spectacular to wear. Rather than selling out at the last minute and going for the mainstream “Sexy Nurse” type costumes, rebel and try something a little more out-of-the-box. Skip the typical basic costumes that you’ll probably see in droves this year and go for something a little more unexpectedly chic.
Here’s our faves for fiercely fashionable and totally wicked costumes for Halloween 2015. Steal one if your dare.

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour once said, “If you can’t be better than your competition, just dress better.” And we cannot agree more. Rather than going with a cliché costume, outshine the basics and channel the Queen of Fashion herself.

Wear something daring and colorful that looks timeless, style your hair in her signature bob or use a wig if you must, and don’t forget some oversized shades and her trademark smirk. Bam – perfectly stylish costume that even Ms. Wintour herself would approve of.

Karl Lagerfeld

Want to look high fashion this Halloween but totally unexpected? Skip the Queen of Fashion and go straight for the King – Karl Lagerfeld.  His iconic look is the perfect costume idea for the modern girl who loves androgynous fashion and wants to avoid falling into the basic trap of wearing next to nothing.

Slip on a chic black suit complete with tie and gloves, slick your hair back into a low ponytail, and throw on a pair of oversized black shades. For extra effect, bring a stuffed cat, or a real one if you’re really daring, with you to play his beloved Choupette.  Meow – you’re gorgeous.

Frida Kahlo

If you’re not ready to put away your summer flower crown, never fear. Break it back out for one more go around by dressing up as the gorgeous Frida Kahlo.  Her beloved bright and colorful style is perfect for any hopeless pattern addict or self-proclaimed flower child.

Pair your floral headpiece with a colorfully printed maxi dress or robe for the perfect Halloween look.  If you’re feeling daring, add in her trademark thick brows for dramatic effect.  Add a statement scarf or necklace and you’re ready to hit any Halloween party in style.

Adaline Bowman

If you want an excuse to wear your best black tie gown on Halloween, look no further. Dress up as our spirit animal Blake Lively’s gorgeous and ageless Adaline Bowman from Age of Adaline for a look that’s so chic, no one would dare call you basic.

Slip on your favorite floor-length frock, do you hair in timeless Old-Hollywood style waves, and get ready for the enviable stares of anyone who wasn’t brilliant enough to come up with your gorgeous costume idea. With a costume this stunning, you’re bound to get plenty.

Chanel Oberlin

Who are you supposed to be? I’m Chanel #1, obvi. Get beyond glam this Halloween by dressing up as Scream Queens’ number one, Chanel Oberlin.  This Queen Bee has a high-fashion style all of her own courtesy of Uncle Karl Lagerfeld and an in-your-face personality to match.

Pair your favorite printed mini skirt with a button-up or pussybow blouse and a pair of platform heels.  Throw on a fur coat and a pair of oversized shades to hide from the idiot hookers around you.  With a look so chic, couldn’t you just die?

Countess Elizabeth

Girls, get your most glamorous outfits ready. For those of the most daring among us, channel Lady Gaga’s fearsome Countess Elizabeth from American Horror Story Hotel this Halloween.

Slip on your most over-the-top gown – sequins, jewels, and plunging necklines galore – and throw on as many statement accessories as you can find.   Go for an exaggerated dark cat eye and pair it with glamorous waves.  Don’t forget a pair of deadly chic gloves and a smoldering gaze of bloodlust to complete this terrifyingly gorgeous costume.